Discover church. Experience God.

Explore is your opportunity to move forward in your journey with God – no matter where you stand right now. Experience fellowship and try out new things – because we do not just want to talk about God, we want to experience him! Explore is for everyone who likes to discover and try out new things. You are welcome to participate as an existing Small Group or you can use Explore to find a Small Group.

Together we will investigate God’s role in our daily lives and how we can be empowered when we engage with him earnestly. Here we become practical: we do not only look at theoretical principles of the Christian faith but will see how to bring them to life. Since God cannot be compressed into one evening, we will take the next ten weeks to intensively seek him out. And because it is simply more fun to be together, we will go on this journey in our Small Groups. Together you can also look forward to a Team Challenge and a Love Changes activity that you will begin as a group. During the course of Explore, you will determine with your leader when and how to arrange the two dates.

Embark on an adventure with God and experience what Church is all about!